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Rent Office Space that is affordable instead of waiting for a table at Starbucks

by Plaza Executive Suites • September 21, 2021

Scottsdale, AZ Kierland Boardroom

Many successful companies have their roots in basements and garages across the country. Countless discussions, business plan revisions, and meetings have to be conducted to make the product or service a success.

These arrangements are usually out of necessity rather than choice. Let’s face it for a startup business, office space can be expensive with rent commitments, furnishings and communication setup costs, like telephones, Internet and P.O. Boxes, go far beyond the most optimistic of entrepreneurial budgets.

On the positive side, there are no more early morning alarms or soul-crushing bumper to bumper dashes through rush hour traffic. You’ve also left behind the exposure to the thousands of germs and the office personnel that self-appointed you to be their best friend.

Working primarily from home does have its drawbacks. The lack of human interaction, a space full of distractions, as you sit at the kitchen table you are continuously reminded you of the things that you could be doing around the house. More importantly the lack of a professional environment to meet with Clients.

Meet me at my office, it’s at Starbucks©

Enter Starbucks© with its free Wi-Fi and a whole new world of temporary, on-demand office space is at your fingertips.

Coffee shops have become the new alternative garage for start-up companies which is mostly out of convenience however, the components are there for a successful business discussion all at the expense of a couple of cups of coffee. How simple can it be?

Just start talking over a cup of coffee, pull your laptop out of the briefcase or spring into action with your mobile device and your meeting is in high gear, once you’ve found an open table, and stood in line deciding between Grande, Ventie, and Trenta size cups.

Office Space, Private Space

Many entrepreneurs are coming to realize that the world of co-working, temporary, on-demand meeting rooms for rent isn’t far from the Starbucks© that they’re currently meeting their clients at.

Long are the days where convenient office space for rent was far and few between as offices for rent are springing up everywhere.

Fully furnished spaces complete with a door to conduct a private meeting is a huge improvement from talking over the table next to you while leaning over to whisper confidential information.

When choosing a professional presence over a great Cup of Joe, the choices are very clear.

Focus on your business, not your next Meeting Location

Plaza Executive Union Hills Lobby

Although many Starbucks© locations are conveniently located, as I mentioned so are many offices for rent.

Imagine if you will your prospective Client entering a professional lobby, complete with a receptionist that immediately greets your client with a friendly hello and alerts you of their arrival. Quite the impression, wouldn’t you agree?

With your imagination still churning, what message are you sending to your clients when you’re standing by the door of a local coffee shop waiting for their arrival?

Truthfully, the impressions are clearly like oil and water, the impact on your Customers impressions don’t mix.

Choose your First Impression wisely

From open desk seating from the past too renting temporary office space today, the offerings have continued to evolve.

These days, office rentals are typically fully furnished, complete with internet access, phones, live answering and they may include amenities such as access to administrative business Services including a Notary or Statutory/Registered Agent services.
  • No overhead
  • Budget-friendly
  • Project a professional presence
  • Rent an office by the hour
  • Dedicated local phone number
  • Business mailing address
  • Live Receptionist

How’s your Handshake?

Of course, striking the right chord is more than a professional office environment. According to Forbes, “You And Your Business Have 7 Seconds To Make A First Impression.”
  • So how is your handshake? Handshakes can convey confidence. Are you the dreaded limp fish or do you clutch just enough avoiding the tight squeeze?
  • Don’t forget to smile! Facial expressions matter and a smile radiate positivity.
  • Speak clearly. You may have awesome things to say but if you don’t speak with the confidence you may not be heard.
  • If you have problems remembering names, your reply should include their name, such as it’s nice to meet you and insert their name while it’s fresh in your mind.
  • Eyes, look at the eyes. Looking someone in the eye conveys that you are interested in what they have to say and are confident.

Schedule a Tour with Plaza Executive Suites

Who better to understand the benefits of renting an office for a day than a company who recognizes the pressure that long-term leases and costly landlord fees can put on a business.

At Plaza Executive Suites we’ve tailored our private office spaces to allow you to control your costs while enjoying a professional business environment.

From home-based businesses, small emerging companies and mid to large corporations, we focus on your requirements and budget, and we also offer customer-facing personnel as part of our business solutions, saving you money when it comes to staffing a front desk.

Whether utilizing our boardroom, business mailbox or telephone answering services, we help you build connections with like-minded professionals and open the door to new opportunities.
  • Office space to conduct face to face meetings
  • Rent by the hour or the day
  • Short, mid and long-term leasing solutions
  • Business Address
  • Statutory/Registered Agent
  • Call answering/voice mail
  • Live telephone answering with a business address
  • Fast and easy sign-up, within 30 minutes
  • And more!
Convenient locations
  Who Can Benefit from Office Space Rental?
  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Home-businesses
  • Government officials looking for a presence in our local community
  • Mid to Large Corporations looking for office space in other cities
  • Employees who work remotely
  • Businesses looking to minimize their overhead costs

No obligation Executive Office Suite Tours

We invite you to tour our low-cost solutions to a professional business environment for your business.

Contact Plaza Executive Suites to schedule your no-obligation tour today or call (602) 424-5700 or toll-free (877) 513-4575 today!