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Executive Office Suite Lease Agreement In Phoenix

by Plaza Executive Suites • April 29, 2022

As technology continues to improve, the world of business has been changing with it. No longer are people tied to a desk for forty hours a week. With just a laptop and an internet connection, the modern Phoenix office is born.

With the emergence of the modern office, more business owners and entrepreneurs are looking to move away from the traditional office and move into an alternative setup. Here is what you need to know about an executive office suite lease agreement

Executive thinking about signing lease

Provides A Professional Image

An executive suite lease agreement will allow you to present a professional face to clients, especially if you don't have a traditional office area. Leased premises will also save on monthly overhead by not having to pay for a traditional commercial lease agreement for an office space that may not fit your square footage needs. Payments are simple and usually, the rent due date is the first day of each calendar month, but that is optional to what the landlord desires.

An executive suite lease agreement may include full executive suites operation under a gross lease, which would allow the prospective tenants to have access to conference rooms, and the reception area with secretarial, telephone, and voice mail services. Some executive suite law offices even have notary public services.

Speaking of law offices; if your landlord's employees wish to take legal action against him, you cannot represent them. Most landlords will have that stated in a lease.

Landlord's Reasonable Opinion

What is the Landlord's Reasonable opinion? This is basically an agreement between the professional tenants occupying an executive suite and their landlord stating that the tenant won't use any type of equipment that uses the water, sewer, or electricity excessively that would cause any kind of interference with other tenants in the same building, in the landlord's reasonable opinion.

Insuring Your Executive Suite

Insurance is a must-have to protect personal property while leasing long term or short term executive suites. Your landlord will expect some type of coverage insurance for fire or other damages. it is usually the tenants expense for coverage unless it's stated in your executive suites lease that insurance coverage is paid for by the landlord. Any property damage could result in a termination of the lease and your security deposit may be applied to repairs of said damage; the landlord will give you notice of such application of monies.

Any minor repairs considered routine, such as floor or wall repair will be the obligations of the parties that are stated in the lease. It is the tenant's responsibility to keep the rented premises in compliance with all applicable laws.

Your Executive Suite Lease Agreement With Plaza Executive Suites

The landlord is the owner of land that houses executive office suites and that means, if you sign the lease, you agree to the terms. Such as cancellation date. Most leases state that advance notice must be given before moving out of your executive suite. The notice is usually about 30 days.

Plaza Executive Suites understands the pressures of long term leases and costly landlord fees in Phoenix, which is why they do things differently. They offer a virtual office lease agreement to fit your needs, from short, mid, and long term leasing solutions that take into account your executive suite requirements and your budget. You can rent by the day, week, hour, or month, you just have to fill out a form to receive an effective date of usage for an executive suite. So, ditch the traditional office and go virtual with an executive office lease agreement today.