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Advantages Of Renting Office Space By The Hour

by Plaza Executive Suites • May 18, 2022

With working from home becoming a popular option these days, it's not much of a surprise that companies are looking for a way to do away with traditional office spaces and the hassle of leases. While working from home is excellent the majority of the time, sometimes you'll need a professional space to conduct business. That's where renting office space by the hour, day, or month comes in handy.

Renting office space by the hour for just the days or hours you need is less expensive than signing on to an annual commercial lease. When renting a temporary office, you'll enjoy the affordability, not having to worry about daily office maintenance costs or property taxes, and you'll still have the professional appearance of maintaining commercial real estate.

Here are some advantages to renting office space by the hour:


Since most people are working from home, there's really no need to keep a full-time office. Imagine, no costly leases, no monthly utility payments, cleaning costs, or other day-to-day expenses. 

A lease for a traditional office can you thousands of dollars a month. You can get on-demand office space for a fraction of the cost!
At Plaza Executive Suites, you can enjoy the corporate image without the high corporate overhead. Check out our Virtual Office Services and find the suitable executive offices for rent that's right for you.

No Daily Upkeep

There's no upkeep when you don't have an office to go to for eight hours a day and 40 hours a week. When renting an office from Plaza Executives, you don't have to worry about keeping up with bathroom supplies or office printer supplies. You'll have everything you need with your hourly office rental.

Some office buildings with rental offices come with common areas and are usually included in the rental price, making the ideal office space. Common areas where office equipment, such as printers, are kept for renters to use.

Gives A Professional Appearance

Working from home can make it difficult to see clients. Would you invite a client to your home? Probably not. Aside from security concerns of inviting strangers into your home, it doesn't look very professional. You can show clients that you're serious about your business and give them a professional appearance and a sense of trust by renting office space by the hour.

Finding Office Space To Rent

When you're about to take the step to find office space to rent, you can look through online listings or rental brokers. An advantage of using a broker is they'll have insight into local knowledge, help you navigate your lease negotiations, saving you time and headache.

A broker can also help you navigate how to rent your first office space and help you find the square feet of commercial office space you require. Also, leasing can help you understand the terms of your lease and the length of the lease for an office rental.

Geographic location is also a consideration when calculating the square feet of space you'll need because of areas with higher living costs. The total number of people you'll have working beside you will also determine how much square footage you'll need and how much it'll cost. 

Private Office Space For Your Business Needs

If you have employees or just need some coworking space, then a good idea would be to calculate exactly how much space you'll need and make it fit your budget. With Plaza Executive Suites, we have various sizes to fit the space requirements for your unique needs, but all our offices are private with no coworking space. We also understand how your needs will change over the course of your lease as your business grows.
Plaza Executive Suites also offer phone and mail service to help keep your work life from your home life. We also have open space for rent for you to hold important meetings.

When looking for a Class A office space to rent, look no further than Plaza Executive Suites. For more information about our rental offices, contact us today!